Long Term & Winter Rentals

Annual Long-Term Rental Opportunities
We do not have any long term rentals available at this time.

Winter Rental Opportunities
The following properties are available for a winter rental approximately November 1 – May 1. 


1 Bedroom Properties

At Ease $650 (includes wifi and trash removal)

Anchors Away $650 (includes wifi and trash removal) Available December 1st

Park Side $725 (includes wifi and trash removal)


2 Bedroom Properties

Butler’s Landing paw_print 50 $1400 (includes wifi & trash removal)

Dock Holiday $1500 (includes wifi & trash removal)

Frasier’s Cottage paw_print 50 $1200 (includes wifi & trash removal)

Saugatuck Lodge (pool house only) paw_print 50 $1850 (ask about utilities)

Sunshine Cottage $1300 (includes wifi & trash removal)

The Gardens Lily $1500 (includes wifi & trash removal)


3 Bedroom Properties

Amazing Bayview $1500 (includes wifi & trash removal)

Bevlyn Cottage $1350 (includes wifi and trash removal)

Driftwood $1400 (includes wifi and trash removal) a dog may be considered

Hidden Haven $1500 (includes wifi & trash removal) a dog may be considered, hot tub available at an additional cost

Malabar paw_print 50 $1500 (includes wifi & trash removal)

Sunsational $1600 (includes wifi & trash removal)

Sunset Wonder paw_print 50 $2250 (includes wifi & trash removal)

The Gardens Azalea $1650 (includes wifi & trash removal)

Unwinding Creek $1850 (includes wifi & trash removal)


4 Bedroom Properties

Bootleggers paw_print 50 $1400 (includes wifi & trash removal)

Chapman’s Chapter paw_print 50 $2400 (includes wifi & trash removal)

Gerber House paw_print 50 $1450 (includes wifi & trash removal)

The Old Snow Farm $1850 (includes wifi)


5+ Bedroom Properties

Murphy’s Landing $2850 (includes wifi and trash removal)

Saugatuck Lodge (main house only) paw_print 50 $3500 (ask about utilities)


*paw_print 50 pet-friendly properties with a $25/month/pet fee.

Links above are for reference only and do not confirm amenities, layout, furnishings, or quality. Please book an appointment to view the property and confirm such features for yourself. An application from each person in your household who is 18 or over is required, along with your $35 per application fee in order to schedule a showing. Prices quoted are monthly for a minimum 4 month lease and do not include any utilities, unless otherwise stated.

Application For Tenancy

Before viewing any of our properties, we ask that every occupant, 18 or older, submits an application which can be downloaded by clicking here: Application for Tenancy

Application Requirements:

Everyone 18 years or older who will be living in the home must submit a completed application. Applications will not be accepted until completed in full by everyone in your group. There is a $35 non-refundable application fee which is required for us to consider your application.

Application Process:

Once your application is received, it will be passed to the manager for preapproval. Once preapproved, we will contact you to set up a time to see the property or properties (up to 3) you are interested in.